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Finding Your Financial Path

Together, we will reach your financial goals. Whether you’re just starting your investment strategy or you’ve already found success, Harlow Capital Management provides maximum quality investment management.

We make decisions seamlessly and react to the changing market in real time so that we can meet each client’s unique goals.


Customized Financial Planning & Investing

Harlow Capital Management is built on sound portfolio management. We believe that results can be achieved through fundamental investment research. We have the confidence that our disciplined process will consistently produce enhanced risk-adjusted returns. This is affected by identifying companies with financial strength, industry leadership and innovation that can be purchased for a reasonable price.


Bottom-Up Stock Selection

Harlow Capital Management has stringent minimum criteria for inclusion in our equity portfolio. Companies are then filtered through rigorous investment screens to identify only the most promising candidates. Our extensive in-depth analysis and exhaustive research eliminates more than 90% of companies that might be considered.


Sector Diversification

The Harlow Capital Management equity portfolio maintains diversification among many different industry sectors. This approach is designed to offer additional protection and stability during volatile market periods. Our portfolios are structured to provide higher quality growth and better value than a market index.


Fundamental Research

Equities are selected on the strength of companies’ underlying businesses. We purchase an ownership stake in a business and seek to understand the operations of that company. Harlow Capital Management employs a classic value strategy based on earnings, free cash flow, dividends and stock repurchases. We set price targets for stocks as they are purchased and constantly monitoring these targets for upgrade or downgrade.

Our Philosophy


Harlow Capital Management’s philosophy begins with independent decisiveness. All investment decisions are made in house by the investment team. Our strategies are based solely on what will be in the best interest of our clients.

One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For You

Harlow Capital Management guides its clients toward their long-term financial goals. We carefully listen to our clients, seek to understand their individual circumstances and then tailor a customized solution. Once an investment plan is constructed, it is constantly reviewed and monitored to track progress.


Colby Harlow

Colby Harlow is the President and Chief Compliance Officer of Harlow Capital Management. Prior to forming Harlow Capital Management, L.L.C., Colby was the portfolio manager for Western Research & Investment in Forth Worth, Texas from September 2000 through January 2005. Colby was also an analyst for Salomon Smith Barney in Dallas, Texas from September 1999 through September 2000. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Administration from Austin College in Sherman, Texas.


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